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M. J. 8-7-2018

(Continued from the homepage section on tarot reviews) …and moving out of state.  I took a sabbatical and spent my days drinking and debating whether to move closer to my children or just move to Atlanta and take a few years off to heal. As timing would have it, Adrianne was a gathering at a mutual friends house in Atlanta. She was at a table in the dining room doing her card readings.

Her friends said that everyone always begged her to do a few readings whenever they had a gathering. So the last one for the evening was volunteered by my friend. He felt I needed it the most.  And how right he was looking back. I sat down and we small talked briefly but at the same time she was almost studying me intensely and started asking me to pull the cards and hand them to her. Right at the same time she asked why I was so depressed.  I told her about the divorce, not happy being separated from my children and maybe having to move again.

She said to me “that’s not it”, what is hurting goes deeper than that. A betrayal when I was a child. And the next word was as if I was shot. She said “your uncle, your fathers brother had sexually abused you at a young age.” She immediately said, I was being strangled by the shame, and I had done nothing to be ashamed of because I was betrayed and no one protected me. She felt family members knew what was going on but didn’t want to believe it. And then I heard her words, “you did nothing wrong” and she said “that was a huge betrayal and no one protected you too”. I actually felt comforted by being validated for the first time ever.

Fast forward, my depression lifted and I went into therapy on the advice of Adrianne and to this day I do represent these beautiful children and as Adrianne pointed out they are the most gifted because they have had a harder road to travel. I will never forget her, and I have sent many clients to her that had amazing experiences and she is the real and authentic and true psychic. She is my angel.

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D.V. 7-12-2018

I was at a party recently and Adrianne was there and she brought her cards. I heard she does readings at gatherings and her friend’s book her at their homes. She was doing readings away from the gathering and my friend told me to definitely have a reading. I am young, not even in my 20’s and she kept looking at me throughout the evening and on her breaks. When I was able to sit with her, she recognized a depressive tone in my voice and my actions.

I told her a boyfriend recently broke up with me and did not treat me well. And no boyfriend ever treated me well most were abusive and then left me. She asked me if whatever showed up, could I handle the information and of course I said yes. Well then it hit, she said my father was an abuser and a sick man that had sex with me as a child and now he and my mother are divorced, but he would only see me on my birthday and Xmas for a few minutes. First thing she said, is no way at all am I to see my father again. And especially on his terms.

colorful drawing of a woman with large wings and a floral crown standing in a garden with her eyes closed and wrists crossed at her heartShe said something so comforting, she said a father protects his children. He would “die” for them if someone tried to hurt them. And a mother knows if her daughter is being abused and she would make sure her daughter was protected and she would call children’s services to put him in jail. So, she said I carried the shame of my parents and I believed everything was my fault. Thus, the depression. She said if I was “lovable” this would have never happened to me is what I believed in my core. And she was right. I owned my parents abuse and they owned nothing on this.

And thus, my relationships are abusive too. She told me to take the shame off me and do not have a relationship with both until they seek help and own their sickness and abuse against her. I am a different person in such a short time. She wants me to stay away from a relationship until I saw a therapist for a while. She gave me a name of a lady and so far, I love this woman. She is so wonderful and already I feel differently. In conclusion, Adrianne saved my life. And that is the truth. I was living this vortex of depression and a darkness with no relief in site until our first reading.

She is the “real thing” and she saved me from my hell and where I was going with this. I have a life now. And I feel differently every day I wake up, I embrace my day and take on new ventures that pertain to my talent. I am taking chances I would have never taken before and I am doing extremely well, I have a great life!

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T.A. 6-21-2018

Adrianne is one of the most celebrated psychics in the United States and Europe. She is renowned for her extraordinary spot on focus and strong intuition and perception. Adrianne has consistently been referenced as having a “bullseye” precision target. Her accuracy in her predictions can see the past as well as the future and she uses this to help others stuck in old patterns or unclear about making changes or moving forward. Adrianne feels we are all have psychic energy or inner wisdom. However where we need help is seeing what is directly in front of us or where we cannot tell when we feel stuck or paralyzed is ordinarily a old energy or pattern that keeps us blinded or in the dark. Adrianne’s card readings are a very powerful uplifting experience and almost an awakening of what we could not see before. But she guarantees clarity or as she calls it “the golden nugget that can set you free”.

Adrianne continues to cultivate and focus these naturally occurring energies as her primary method of achieving insight. Her in-person tarot card reading’s are done via a WebEx and she tapes the reading and will email it to you after. Adrianne’s client list includes celebrities and both leading business executives and artists and she has done readings world wide as well. Adrianne has experience in Gestalt Therapy and Neuro Lingual Programming (NLP).

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