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D.T. 02-07-2017

(Continued from the homepage section on tarot reading reviews) …and set up an appointment for a card reading. I put alot of thought into what I wanted to ask her about and finally decided to ask about a new relationship. after being divorced for over 10 years it seemed like I might be ready to date again.

I have only one word for Adrianne’s reading- WOW! She was dead on accurate about the underlying reasons for my first marriages failure and what I had learned in the years since then that made me ready to try again- which was great but it was when she moved into the future part of the reading that the she completely blew me away.

She told me that my next partner was already here and I was letting fear stop me from moving forward. Oddly, I had been set up on a blind date and cancelled several times already…..Adrianne did not know this. She told me that I had a chance at the kind of relationship that most people dreamed of and that choosing myself (for once) would change my life on levels that I could not even imagine from where I was then.

Long story short, 7 years later I am in the best relationship of my life and living the life of my dreams. I am grateful to Adrianne for speaking the truth to me and kicking me in the _ss to get me moving forward.

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G.J. 01-05-2017

I am keeping this short but Adrianne is the best psychic I ever met. In short, I am a man that is married to a beautiful woman with 2 amazing children. I heard about Adrianne and though this should be fun, a quick reading of my future and let me add I never saw this as anything great but more of a hoax. Long story short, my father abused me during childhood and I was going to take what happened to my grave.

No one knew this no one. I always carried a shame deep down and was going to my grave with this “dark secret.” And then I met Adrianne and she brought this up as the obstacle that kept me from working on, or creating a job I love. I almost fell over seriously, I was shocked to the bone. She told me I was an exceptional father and none of this was my fault and to let go of the shame.

An abused child carries the shame and the abuser does not unless they seek help. In my case my father did not and as many child abusers, they always act like nothing happened. What a great psychic, she is and she helped me a great deal. I am so happy I met her and had this done. This is life changing for me.

A.R. 02-15-2017

Adrianne is extremely intuitive and her interpretation of the cards speak directly your soul. You will get goosebumps when she speaks the truth you are reluctant to face. Adrianne is an authentic, heart-centered person who  effortlessly channels answers needed for clarity and transformation.

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