Tarot Card Readings

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Atlanta’s Best Psychic Tarot Card Reader!

Introductory Tarot Card Reading $75.00

Only $75.00 for a 30 minute introductory tarot card reading in Atlanta or via Skype. Please be sure to have 1 specific question prepared.

60 Minute Tarot Card Reading $225.00

$225.00 for a 60 minute tarot card reading. Have your questions listed so you are prepared. Depending on the reading, many times a client has one question which branches out into many. This is an in depth, very detailed reading.

90 Minute Tarot Card Reading $325.00

$325.00 for a 90 minute tarot card reading. Have your questions listed so you are prepared. Sometimes the 90 minute reading includes people in your life or a career problem or a sudden change that maybe causing you stress.

90 Minute Couples Tarot Card Reading $450.00

This reading is different from the other Tarot Card Readings. This couples Tarot Reading is broken into different categories. So, there are 5 cards for each person, and in the middle is a card that demonstrates how you come together in your life, and where there needs to be a change, or where there is a strong bridge that creates closeness and a strong intimate relationship.

Atlanta’s Best Couples Tarot Reading

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