Is Your Personal Psychic a Medium?

All apples are fruit, but not all fruit are apples. You could say that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. A personal psychic could have any number of skills – and should advertise those skills specifically.

The broader term of psychic refers to those who have psychic abilities. Psychics are those who have special abilities to sense things through extrasensory perceptions (ESP), which are commonly called their “sixth sense”.

A medium is a specific type of psychic who has the ability to connect with a person who has passed on. So as in the movie entitled the “Sixth Sense”, the medium indeed has a sixth sense, but in an exclusive way.

Though unintentionally communicated, that particular movie tends to equivocate the reality that these two categories are really separate. In the real world, mediums are a specific type of personal psychic, who have a particular type of psychic ability.

Thus, it may be helpful to know the background and abilities of your psychic. That will help you manage your expectations, help you understand who he or she is and most of all help you connect better with your personal psychic.

If you are seeking help and advice for such matters as your love life, finances, personal decisions that need to be made, and other types of life questions, then seek the aid of a psychic who is a generalist or who has a special gift in the area for which you are seeking guidance.

And if you are seeking the help and guidance in regard to a loved one who has passed away, then you are seeking the help and guidance of a medium, who is simply a psychic who has that specific extrasensory ability.

A black and white image of Virginia Biddle (1910 – 2003) scantily clad with what looks like Tarot Card - Psychic garb. She is seated on a couch and facing left in the frame. She has big hoop ear rings on, a head scarf and a shawl. Her legs are crossed, and she has a tassel garb across her chest. Most of her body is uncovered. She has very long dark hair and she is a very attractive woman.
An Image of a palm with mapped out sections for palm reading

It is much better to know beforehand that your personal psychic does not routinely connect with the world of the deceased than to be disappointed when such a connection does not transpire.

This principle of “apples being a particular type of fruit” is very common in any service offered by individuals or businesses. All plumbers fix piping, but some specialize in sewers.

All lawyers practice law, but some specialize in real estate transactions. Likewise, there is a sense that every true psychic has a better sense of the world of the deceased than the average person, but those who have the honed ability to interact with that world can truly be called mediums.

And yet, some psychics just simply don’t have that particular ability. That should not extinguish your trust in that particular psychic, but rather should temper your expectation that they can do any and everything you want from them.

Without knowing your personal psychic’s extrasensory abilities up front, you also potentially set them up for failure since they want to help and guide you in what you seek.

Thus, some psychics without really having that particular gift may still seek to make such a connection for you with the best intentions.

Overall, knowing the differences between the various types of psychics and those who are specifically mediums will help you connect better with your personal psychic, which is the most important aspect of that relationship.