Improving Your Skills As A Psychic Medium

Are you interested in improving your skills as a psychic medium and learning how to read tarot cards? If so, continue reading this article to learn more.

My name is Adrianne and I have frequently been referred to as Atlanta’s best tarot card reader and one of the most celebrated psychics in the United States and Europe.

However, I wasn’t always considered to be one of Atlanta’s best tarot card readings. I started out as an amateur psychic just like you and slowly developed into one of Atlanta’s best tarot card readings after years of practice and spiritual growth.

The first step to becoming one of Atlanta’s best tarot card readers is to purchase your first deck of cards. Before you even open the instructions or begin doing research online, handle the cards. Shuffle them, take a close look at each individual card, and feel the energy flowing through the deck.

If, like most readers, you have been blessed with the gift of sight, you should feel the energy and possibilities simply by handling the cards. Do not worry if the energy feels strange or you do not feel an immediate connection.

It can take years and scores of tarot card decks before you find the set that is right for you. You may even find the individual cards speak to you strongly, while the majority of the deck offers nothing. That is okay at this stage.

Take out a piece of paper and write your feelings down, making special note of the cards that resonate with you are project energy. This could be one of your first messages and you want to make note for later reference.

Do not rush this process. You will not become Atlanta’s best tarot card reading over night. Spend several days or weeks familiarizing yourself with the deck’s energy and see if you can glean any messages from these feelings. Once you have completed this step, go ahead and open the guide that came with the deck.

Read through the book and take careful notes, noting where your feelings and interpretations that you wrote down differ from those offered by the book. Write these down for later reference.

This step will help you understand how to read and interpret the card deck and will be invaluable later on.

Your tarot card journal should grow and expand over time. You will also find it helpful to take a day or two every six months to review your journal, focusing on how your abilities and understanding have changed.

Once you have become comfortable with your deck and the cards’ meanings, you can do your first reading on yourself, using a basic three-card spread.

Practice on yourself for the next several weeks to hone your skills and intuition before you begin working on other people.

A very attractive woman brunette dressed like a psychic Tarot Card Reader she has on a white puffy shirt and a blue skirt