Developing Psychic Abilities

For those interested in developing psychic abilities and extrasensory perception, their personal journey to enlightenment and knowledge usually begins with their first visit to a psychic medium, preferably one of Atlanta’s best psychics. This first visit often opens their eyes to the wide range of possibilities that lie within the extrasensory field. They quickly move from curiosity to passion as they begin to see the accuracy of their psychic’s predictions.

While working with a psychic will be enough for most people, those with advanced psychic abilities and an abundance of curiosity will begin to wonder how they too can develop their latent abilities and begin to reach their full psychic potential. For these individuals, the next step in their spiritual journey will be psychic training, or developing psychic abilities.

This article will provide you with a guide on developing psychic abilities, including how to seek out a spiritual teacher. It is important to note that while there is a great deal of flexibility in working with many psychics for readings and spiritual development, the development of your own psychic abilities should only be done in training with one of Atlanta’s best psychics.

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How to Develop Your Abilities

The first step in developing your latent psychic abilities is acceptance. You must accept and internalize the idea that you do possess a set of unique psychic abilities that provides you with the capabilities to affect others and help them on their own spiritual journey. Research suggests that most people have extrasensory capabilities, and that they only need to tap into these abilities to begin their journey. While these abilities are often found in abundance in those who are musically talented, every person has some capability to access their innate psychic powers.

As mentioned, the first step in developing psychic abilities is to acknowledge your power as a spiritual being and to accept your limitless capacity for insight. Many people have found that the best way to internalize this acceptance is by creating a mantra to be repeated daily.


The next step to developing psychic abilities is to research the field. Find out what areas of extrasensory perception are particularly interesting to you and find as much information and as many books on the topic as you can. Use this knowledge, in conjunction with training from one of Atlanta’s best psychics, to develop your powers.


The last, and most important, step in developing your latent extrasensory perception abilities is to practice what you learn daily. Practice for developing psychic abilities includes scanning, predicting, and even online tests.

Scanning refers to working with another individual to develop your ability to sense thoughts, sensations, emotions, and even images from another person. To practice scanning, stand four to six feet apart from another person (preferably someone you have no previous relationship with) with your eyes closed. Breath deeply and practice viewing the other person with your eyes closed. After a moment or two, pause to share your feelings with each other to see if they align.

In order to practice predicting, you should write down several predictions each day to assess their accuracy. Each morning, wake up and write three specific predictions down on a piece of paper and wait several days before seeing if the prediction was correct. While this practice method will not produce much positive results in the beginning, you will begin to see your abilities develop over time.