Atlanta’s Best Tarot Card Reader And The Other Dimension

Theoretical physicists have put together theories of multi-dimensions. Where we all have a parallel existence as the same person but having other experiences, making different decisions. A lot of those scientists do not believe in the spiritual world, yet they somehow believe that we all have other lives beyond what we can see. Are they trying to deny what others know?

Also, within the spiritual world, there is the belief that we have all had past lives. You probably feel it yourself, even though you may not fully comprehend it in a way you could put in words. For that you can read on and then make an appointment with Atlanta’s Best Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Expert, Adrianne.

There is little doubt among many people that we have all lived not parallel lives, but past lives. If only we could access those experiences and learn from them. What did we do right? Where did we go wrong? How can I learn from my successes and failures?

What Are Akashic Records?

These records actually do exist. Atlanta’s best Tarot Card Reader and Psychic can access them. These are known as Akashic Records. Akashic Records are like a journal of each of your lives, past and present, but held in the universe as energy. Persons in tune with this energy can access the details these journals of your soul.

People who have died and come back have told how they saw their script or records from past lives without even knowing there was such a thing. Your soul has had many experiences and, unless habits are broken, these habits return. Look at your present life. Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes in relationships or your career path? You can decide to break negative cycles and repeat positive ones.

Many of these habits of yours, be they good or bad, you have dragged with you through all your previous lives as well. You can endlessly repeat this loop or you can break it. Your life is not set in stone. Through the reading of tarot cards, Atlanta’s best Tarot Card Reader and Psychic can retrieve your Akashic Records and An illustration of what heaven might look like with beautiful flowers and trees all different colors and shaped at sunrise with an open book on a pedestal in the center. It looks very you where you keep repeating yourself.

Break the Cycle and Achieve Your Highest Potential

If you are not achieving your full potential in your career or dreams today, your soul-self from bygone eras was probably the same way. You are never reaching full potential. Break the bad habits by having a tarot card reading and see yourself for who you really are. Maybe your soul is clinging to other souls throughout time. And clinging out of comfort or familiarity, even though they may not be the best for you.

In conclusion, having Atlanta’s best Tarot Card Reader and Psychic point out the specifics of your past lives can be a present life changer. Do your present and future self a big favor by finding the right soul mate for your life. And by soul mate, I don’t necessarily mean only a spouse. But the right souls to meld within business or career. Reach out to Atlanta’s best psychic, have a reading and see what truths your Akashic Records hold.