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I went to see Adrianne for a Tarot Card Reading after reading an online review from one of her clients. He spoke with passion about the excellent work that Adrianne does and about her ability to see and sense unique connections.

Connections between the events that are happening in your life and the future possibilities that the Spirit is holding before you. I was hoping that her Tarot Card Reading would provide some clarity in my life and the options that are currently in front of me.

A little background: I finally made the decision to leave a toxic relationship last year, after 8+ years in the relationship and after feeling emotionally beaten down and depressed for years.

I immediately felt a sense of relief and promise, but the past six months have been nothing but an seemingly unending series of mishaps and emergencies. It made me question my current path, my ability to handle all of life’s challenges on my own, and has knocked me back into a state of constant depression.

I feel that leaving the relationship was only the first step in my journey to self-actualization and growth, but I am at a loss for the next step. This is the position that I found myself in when I signed up for my first Tarot Card Reading with Adrianne.

Upon meeting Adrianne for my Tarot Card Reading, I was immediately struck by her energy and boundless enthusiasm.

I began to feel more confident and happier as soon as I started speaking with her. My doubts, fears, and insecurities suddenly seemed much less important. Adrianne began our meeting by getting to know me and speaking with me in detail about her background and psychic experience.

Her approach to working with the Spirit. I was very impressed with her knowledge and friendly demeanor. I instantly felt as if I found my spiritual home.

During my Tarot Card Reading, Adrianne helped me to understand that my divorce, and relocation was only the first step in my spiritual journey.

I realized that I am naturally a manifester, that I have the ability to influence and shape the world around me, and that the ability comes with great responsibility.

She quickly ascertained that I have a natural psychic ability and that I was in touch with this power. However, the trauma of my previous marriage caused me to bury that ability down deep, as a pure survival mechanism.

Together, we created a spiritual growth path that I can use to put myself in-touch with my natural psychic and empathetic abilities.

I cannot speak highly enough about Adrianne. If you are facing a difficult challenge or are feeling lost, you owe it to yourself to speak with her and find answers!

-Raymond Nielsen

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