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Atlanta’s Best Psychic – Meet Adrianne

Adrianne is one of the most celebrated psychics in the United States and Europe, and is frequently referred to as Atlanta’s best psychic. She is renowned for her extraordinary, spot-on focus or perception, and strong intuition.

Adrianne has been consistently referenced as having “bulls-eye” precision.  Her accuracy in envisioning the past, as well as predicting the future, is the gift she uses to help others stuck in old patterns, unclear about making changes or moving forward.

Adrianne feels we all have psychic energy or inner wisdom. However, sometimes we need help with seeing what is directly in front of us. When we cannot understand why we feel the way we do. This usually involves old energy or patterns that keep us in the dark.

Adrianne’s Tarot Card Reading are very powerful and working with her is an uplifting experience; an awakening or unveiling of information.  She guarantees clarity, or as she calls it “the golden nugget that can set you free”.

Adrianne continuously cultivates and focuses these natural energies as her primary method of achieving insight. Her constant focus on growth as a person and psychic have led to her consideration in the community as Atlanta’s best psychic, where she has been providing psychic consultation services since 2008.

Her Tarot Card Readings are done in a very relaxed atmosphere at a very convenient location or via WebEx, and she records the reading and emails it directly to you.

The readings are for both singles and couples and come in lengths of a 30 minute introductory reading, a 60 minute in depth, detailed reading, a 90 minute tarot card reading that is very detailed or a  90 minute couples Tarot Card Reading which is split into different categories.

So, there are 5 cards for each person, and in the middle is a card that demonstrates how you come together in your life, and where some change is needed, or where there is a strong bridge that creates a deep closeness and a strong intimate relationship.

Her client list includes celebrities, leading business executives and popular artists, and she does readings worldwide for many different types of people. Adrianne also has extensive experience with Gestalt Therapy and Neuro Lingual Programming (NLP).

Make an appointment today and start to discover tomorrow. And please check out some of our testimonials!