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T.B. 01-27-2017

(Continued from the homepage section on accurate tarot reading testimonials) …because I didn’t even know I was pregnant yet. She told me for the child’s sake and mine, I had to leave. At that point I was scattered and didn’t know what to do.  She said I was artistic and made pieces that people would purchase for their homes.  I made sculptures out of different colors of metal and they were quite unique.

She said if I left the boyfriend and had the child I would be successful in my studio which I did not even have at that time.  Also she said my family and friends would be so happy to help me out if I left they would support me.

So I went towards building my sculptures and most art stores or furniture stores or unique design stores would sell my sculpture’s.  I now have a 10 year old daughter, and I have a manufacturer that makes my products in a mass quantity which I sell to shops all over the US.

My daughter and I live in a beautiful home with my new husband and did I say he was wonderful too? If I did not have the reading that day with Adrianne I have no ideal what would have happened to me.  I recently sent Adrianne a small sculpture of a gypsy card reader as a gift made out of love and gratitude for seeing her that ONE day that changed my life.

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H.H. 12-17-2016

Adrianne read my cards in NYC years ago, and I am here to say, it was a major therapy session for me. I never brought it up, but she found it in my reading that my issues were an extension of the abuse and the shame I carried from childhood from both of my parents. They were alcoholics and my mother was especially abusive. I was beaten for no reason after she suffered a hangover.

My relationships suffered too, and I was an alcoholic and I took massive amounts of pills for depression. She told me this abuse was like “the blob” it was squeezing me out of my psyche and ruining my life. She was so comforting and nurturing I felt met and heard for the first time ever. In short, she had me see a therapist and she uncovered my dream of wanting to be an artist. She had me go to AA and paint, and keep her parents away unless they sought therapy.

Fast forward 4 years later. I am married, and my husband is also an artist and teaches part time and he too had issues and I met him at AA. Adrianne did a couple of readings for us recently and it was very comforting. To think, for the first time in my life I am loved and accepted for me with all my faults and talents. I learned my life was not about wasting time to “win” people over or be a people pleaser for a crumb of love. Those days are over.

I love this woman so much she is my angel! She is not only the real deal, she knows what creates our angst or where the core of the problems started. I have real love and acceptance in my life now, instead of suicide, and I have health instead of addictions, and I have creations that people pay for and hang in their homes verses begging for a crumb of acceptance. She is a MUST. This is no carnival psychic, this is the REAL thing. I advise everyone to try her at least once. We have sent her many referrals in which my husband and I thank for this referral and again, she continues to help others too.

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