Latest Review of Atlanta’s Best Akashic Tarot Psychic

I’m happy with the readings I’ve been getting with Adrianne, her incites are positive and helpful. At the same time Adrianne doesn’t pull any punches, she tells you exactly what the reading has revealed. When I read Adrianne is Atlanta’s best psychic I was somewhat skeptical but now I see why, Adrianne is by far the Best Tarot Psychic I have ever seen.  – Mike McSwain 11-2-2018

WE HAVE MOVED OUR NEW ADDRESS IS 100 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 1770, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 AND WE ARE STILL ATLANTA’S BEST PSYCHIC!

Some may say to label oneself “Atlanta’s Best Psychic” is a scintilla too sanguine. Methinks thou doth protest too much! For it is not I who bestow such adulation, tis the read never nor the reader.

Rightly yours,
-Atlanta’s Best Psychic

Introductory Tarot Card Reading


Only $75.00 for a 30 minute introductory tarot card reading in Atlanta or via Skype. Please be sure to have 1 specific question prepared. These are great for the “should I move to…” or “should I take this job” or “should I break up with…” there is a lot we can learn in 30 minutes, many clients are surprised. Plus it affords us the opportunity to become familiar with each other. 

60 Minute Tarot Card Reading


$225.00 for a 60 minute tarot card reading. Have your questions listed so you are prepared. Depending on the reading, many times a client has one question which branches out into many. This is an in depth, very detailed reading.

90 Minute Tarot Card Reading


$325.00 for a 90 minute tarot card reading. Have your questions listed so you are prepared. Sometimes the 90 minute reading includes people in your life or a career problem or a sudden change that maybe causing you stress.

90 Minute Couples Tarot Card Reading


Atlanta’s Best Couples Tarot Reading

This reading is different from the other Tarot Card Readings. This couples Tarot Reading is broken into different categories. So, there are 5 cards for each person, and in the middle is a card that demonstrates how you come together in your life, and where there needs to be a change, or where there is a strong bridge that creates closeness and a strong intimate relationship.

“I met Adrianne on a visit to Atlanta. My friend and I went to med school together in Boston and I moved to Denver and he moved to Atlanta. My trip to Atlanta was one of the worst times in my life. My wife left me, our kids were between both of our homes and she was talking of remarrying and…learn more?

“I had heard about Adrianne’s “amazingly accurate and prophetic” readings from my friends for years but since my life had been going along pretty well, I had never gotten one from her.
I finally decided to go see what all of the fuss was about and…
learn more?

““I met Adrianne and wanted a reading because I was in a horrible relationship. She told me my live-in boyfriend was on drugs and into some illegal ways of making money. She asked me what was I going to do with his unborn child. I almost fell over…learn more?